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Is the web going to be abandon top-down?

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Okay granted, just because a new feature is available, does not mean that you should use it for everything, but one of the newer webkit features have caught my attention. That feature is the new overflow style “paged-x”. Previously a webpage has been read top-…

A few thoughts about forced creative thinking

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Not long ago the biggest buzzword in business was “innovation”, a spot which is currently being occupied by “cloud”. That it isn't the hottest new word does not mean that we should not still focus on innovating though but rather that we, without the hype and t…

The Sparkles To-Do System

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I think I have tried just about every productivity methodology there is (GTD, action steps, pomodoro, you name it). In general they have all been quite effective, at least in a given field, but the thing is that the to-do part of the systems has to find its pl…

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I wanna show you a magic trick ...In JavaScript

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Yes code can do magic to. Would you believe that it is only a little over 1 years since I learned to use JavaScript for more advanced stuff than form validation. This can be attributed to Jens Roland, a brillient frontend developer (or was until big data got…


The perception of speed

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We are living in information overload, where all the world are always at our fingertips, through computers, tablets and smartphones (with glasses and watches about to be added to the list). Since our life and our technology are constantly increasing their pac…

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Extremely high performing web pages

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Just realized that this never made it to my blog Some time ago i created a small PHP/JavaScript framework for making extremely high speed web pages. The idea is to utilize the local storage for offloading a lot of the elements after first view. I have created…